Derby FIORI OSCURI in Testa di Moro Suede


Fiori Oscuri shoe is a typical Derby shoes, taking his name from a very ancient and influential street in the heart of Brera.  Just around the corner of Pinacoteca di Brera, it remains a bit concealed by  tourists and full of its ancient character and unique taste.


This derby shoe, characterized by a leather lining, is designed with an open lacing solution which makes it less formal, however stylish and refined. 

Category: Derby

Last:  883

Leather: Testa di Moro Suede 

Sole:  Leather sole - bicolor (mule back) on a fiddleback shape.  

Other info:

Leather Upper. Burgundy Lining. Blake Construction. Regular Fit.

Fiori Oscuri is also available in other BV suede colors and  in smooth and Scotch Grain Leather as well. Sole is available also in Vibram rubber.

Size Guide

Collections: GENTLEMAN

Category: Comfort fit, Derby, Leather Lining, Leather Sole, Man, Shoes

Type: Derby

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